May 2020

Strategy #61: The Persuasion Equation

    Let’s start by assuming everyone wants to make the best decision possible. In marketing terms, this means they want to get a good deal.  Now when we say they want a good deal it doesn’t mean they want the lowest price, it’s been proven over and over that price is typically NOT the number one decision-making criteria. If we agree on that, then I think we can also agree that it’s our… Read More »Strategy #61: The Persuasion Equation

    Strategy #23: The Barnum Effect

      The Barnum effect says that individuals generally listen to and accept statements which describes their personality, provided that they feel that the message is tailored for them. It is somewhat (though not completely) meant for them. The Barnum Effect happens because people generally look for hits, rather than misses because it is easier to notice when something is present than when it is absent. The scientific name for this is… Read More »Strategy #23: The Barnum Effect

      Strategy #16: Follow Up Made Easy

        This strategy works well when you have just met someone. We recommend this strategy for those who have an interview style podcasting business and wish to send multiple guests a more personalised invitation. Once you have the names and email addresses for guests you want to feature on your show, it’s time to send out cold emails. In these emails you make your initial request asking the recipient to be a guest… Read More »Strategy #16: Follow Up Made Easy

        WhatsApp Officially Launches New, 8-Person Group Video Chat Option

          Due to the lockdown in different parts of the world, people are highly relying on video calls for communication. While Zoom initially picked up massive popularity soon the various security and privacy concerns discovered on the platform forced users to look for alternatives. Meanwhile, Google made some improvements to Google Meet and Google Duo including a new layout, features, increased group limit and so on, so that users have a better experience. WhatsApp, on the other hand, has already been quite popular but it’s… Read More »WhatsApp Officially Launches New, 8-Person Group Video Chat Option