Account-Based Marketing

Account Based Marketing And Sneaky Visitors
You have done a lot of marketing work and you have a lot of prospects that land on the site, yet these people are not ready to start buying. What are you able to do?

You are able to target what is known as “sneaky visitors”!

To begin with you can choose to run a remarketing campaign in Facebook and AdWords. This targets prospects that have previously visited your site yet have not yet converted. Think about nurturing the prospects that do not visit your site with whitepapers, blog content, new offers or even consultations.

Account Based Marketing

To take this one step further, many of the automation tools allow for a way to find out which companies visit your website. You can also get one of the free plugin tools like VisitorTrack This will pull the IPs that visited the site, which associated them with actual companies.

You can now review these companies lists against your own niche or niches and search for any potential accounts that you can target. You will arrive at targeted company lists in your company’s sweet spot which have already shown an interest.

Now take your revised company-list and make use of programs such as ListenLoop to send targeted ads to these companies. You may also want to use Hoovers which is a program that enriches these company lists and begin sending these firms targeted emails.

Now combine all these elements together:

  • Remarket to target the sneaky visitors through Facebook and AdWords
  • Use VisitorTrack to locate the high-value targets which never converted
  • Use ListenLoop to send the account-based ads to the high-value targets
  • Use LimeLeads or Hoovers to email and nurture these prospects
  • Implement in physical mails for an added touchpoint

At this stage you will be spending marketing dollars with the firms within your niche, who already know about your specific brand. Now all you need to do is incorporate a couple of touchpoints which will convert then into clients. When combining ListenLoop with physical email and email marketing you will start to notice increases in the engagement rates across all avenues as these prospective clients are already aware of your brand and your company.