Digital Marketing Strategy

Strategy #67: Make It Easier for LinkedIn Followers To Get In Touch With You

    According to LinkedIn you should add at least one mobile phone number to your account. Here is a step by step guide you can follow to add a phone number to your LinkedIn account. LinkedIn is one of the world’s largest professional network with millions of members. Creating a LinkedIn profile can give you better exposure. If you already have a profile in Linked then you should keep updating it.… Read More »Strategy #67: Make It Easier for LinkedIn Followers To Get In Touch With You

    Strategy #61: The Persuasion Equation

      Let’s start by assuming everyone wants to make the best decision possible. In marketing terms, this means they want to get a good deal.  Now when we say they want a good deal it doesn’t mean they want the lowest price, it’s been proven over and over that price is typically NOT the number one decision-making criteria. If we agree on that, then I think we can also agree that it’s our… Read More »Strategy #61: The Persuasion Equation

      Strategy #23: The Barnum Effect

        The Barnum effect says that individuals generally listen to and accept statements which describes their personality, provided that they feel that the message is tailored for them. It is somewhat (though not completely) meant for them. The Barnum Effect happens because people generally look for hits, rather than misses because it is easier to notice when something is present than when it is absent. The scientific name for this is… Read More »Strategy #23: The Barnum Effect

        Strategy #16: Follow Up Made Easy

          This strategy works well when you have just met someone. We recommend this strategy for those who have an interview style podcasting business and wish to send multiple guests a more personalised invitation. Once you have the names and email addresses for guests you want to feature on your show, it’s time to send out cold emails. In these emails you make your initial request asking the recipient to be a guest… Read More »Strategy #16: Follow Up Made Easy

          Strategy #22: Sending Newsletters & Drip Campaigns through FB Messenger

            Botletter allows you to send newsletters and drip campaigns through Facebook Messenger. Free 30-Day Trial: Save time managing social media by using Hootsuite to schedule posts, engage followers, and measure results. Try it free today.Start Your Free 30-Day Trial! That’s right. Facebook Messenger. For the skeptics out there, fear not. Botletter boasts an 80 percent open rate on average. Compare that to the typical 20 percent of newsletters that get opened and… Read More »Strategy #22: Sending Newsletters & Drip Campaigns through FB Messenger

            What is “NPS” And Why Is It Important for Marketing

              When it comes to growth metrics — between our funnel metrics, conversion rates, email open rates, customer close rates, and much, much more — we marketers have a lot to keep track of. But there is one extremely useful metric that is often overlooked, something many marketers don’t bother to calculate in the first place. And that metric is Net Promoter Score, or NPS. How Does NPS Work? Net Promoter Score… Read More »What is “NPS” And Why Is It Important for Marketing

              Strategy #89 – How do you make money using Tik Tok

                TikTok, the world’s leading and fast-growing short-video platform, ranked the number one downloaded app globally, recently started offering an alternative marketing solution for advertisers to reach and engage with diverse target audiences across the world.  Thanks to TikTok’s unique and trend-setting formats, short videos can easily be created and shared. TikTok has completely disrupted the way people around the world express creativity. It inspires a distinctive form of short-video contents.… Read More »Strategy #89 – How do you make money using Tik Tok

                Strategy #55: Understand The Audience Groups

                  An important thing to understand is that a one-size-fits-all strategy won’t work with your funnel. You need to target different groups of people with different posts that they’ll want to see. Here are the groups of people you need to know: Cold – Includes people that haven’t heard of you. Warm – They’ve seen you, but are not likely to remember you. Aware – After seeing your posts repeatedly, they know what you… Read More »Strategy #55: Understand The Audience Groups

                  Strategy #87: Quick editing of videos on your smartphone

                    We use Story Slicer to edit our videos. Its intuitive design and interface allows for a seamless editing process. The best part – There’s no watermark or ads so your brand can remain on point. Story Slicer gives marketers the ability to post cut and edit videos for Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, or VK stories. Whether it’s a video you already have or one that you’re shooting directly onto Story Slicer,… Read More »Strategy #87: Quick editing of videos on your smartphone

                    Strategy #71: Become a better writer like Hemingway

                      The Hemingway app will make you a better writer. Period. It will show you how to cut out the jargon. Same for long sentences, unnecessary adverbs, superlative adjectives, and passive phrases. It’s super easy to use, too: Simply paste your writing into the Hemingway app Visually see what works, what doesn’t Make your changes, to do more of what does work Publish your polished piece Use the Hemingway app often to… Read More »Strategy #71: Become a better writer like Hemingway