Strategy #87: Quick editing of videos on your smartphone

    We use Story Slicer to edit our videos. Its intuitive design and interface allows for a seamless editing process. The best part – There’s no watermark or ads so your brand can remain on point. Story Slicer gives marketers the ability to post cut and edit videos for Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, or VK stories. Whether it’s a video you already have or one that you’re shooting directly onto Story Slicer,… Read More »Strategy #87: Quick editing of videos on your smartphone

    Strategy #4 How To Win Over Customers Who Won’t Let You

      Do you want to persuade more people to take action? Customer today no longer wish to be sold to. They want the decision to be their own. Most marketers will do the usual campaigns of lead magnets, blog news, webinars etc. Whatever they do they are finding today’s customer unmoved. So, what do you do? The first really should be – Why are they not reacting. The answer is so… Read More »Strategy #4 How To Win Over Customers Who Won’t Let You

      Strategy #3 Facebook Instant Experience Ad

        Instant Experience ads (previously Canvas ads) are an immersive, full-screen experience that the platform calls a “powerful storytelling tool. Most of your clientele are swiping Facebook on their mobiles. Because mobile speeds have long been super slow, Facebook is making things easier on viewers by eliminating that pesky load time. Instant experiences can be tied to a series of goals.  These work great when you wish to showcase multiple eCommerce products… Read More »Strategy #3 Facebook Instant Experience Ad