All coaches should know, you have about 3 to 7 seconds to deliver that message before the back button has been hit and your potential client has gone for good.

Most online coaches are struggling to make a decent living and one of the reasons is most coach websites are, to put it kindly, inadequate. And yet a coach’s website is almost certainly the most important asset when it comes to online marketing.

It’s effectively a coach’s shop window and will often be the first point of contact with potential clients. Would you agree then it has to be right because there are thousands of other sites potential clients can and will choose from?

Where You Are Now

It’s very rare that anyone takes a strategic approach when creating their website at first. They will try to create it themselves using free services like Wix, Weebly, Sitebuilder or Squarespace.

Would you attempt to do your own dentistry, hair styling or build your own house?

Is this you right now?

Where You Should be

Here is what you get when you’re NOT trying to rush things, save money on a decent designer, or just don’t realize how important it is to get the basics right.

Is this where you wish your website to be right now?

Take The First Step Now

A coach’s website is almost certainly their most important asset when it comes to online marketing.

The good news is that even though other coaches are stifling for new client, most of them don’t bother to learn basic marketing tips.

Want to stand out from your competitors?

Ready To Place Leads On AutoPilot?

The Next Obvious Step

Once you have a great website, the Next Obvios Step is to add some Digital Marketing to your business to create an AutoPilot Lead Generating System. But for this to be successful you should watch our FREE 5 Video Training on “How To  Create A Successful Digital Marketing Campaign”.