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Digital Marketing for Accountants

Do Accountants Need A Digital Marketing Strategy?

Seven out of ten accounting firms struggle to maintain a solid client base. This is because they’re too busy struggling along with marketing tactics that are 20 years out of date while the their newer competitors are already using Digital Marketing tools to get ahead.

Sadly, a lot of accounting firms don’t realize how easy it would be to develop a digital marketing strategy that will automate their marketing for a scalable solution. 

The Perfect & Simple Solution

Most accounting firms get lost with all the Social Media options. What would an accounting firm put on their Facebook page or Instagram that would show your Ideal Client what you do & how well you do it?

Simple Answer – very little!

Your clients are not seeking your services on Social media. But they are reading their emails.

This is the power of an email content marketing strategy. The best part – it is automated, so you can be constantly drumming up new business while you concentrate your attention on what you do best – delivering outstanding accounting services for your clients.

The New Modern Day Accountant is Here

Times have changed, and now is the time for you to change how you promote your own accounting firm.

There was a time when clients settled for the nearest firm offering reasonable prices. Now with the digital age, the same clients now have the ability to seek out specialists in a global marketplace.

It’s no longer practical to try and sell your firm as a “full service” shop that can handle every client in the same way. Pulling together a new website with some shiny new content isn’t enough to transform your business and boost the number of clients seeking you out.


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The Key To Surviving

The key to surviving (and thriving!) in the modern world is to identify the specialities that make your firm unique and then construct automated tools that attract the clients that need your specialised services.

The Right Choice

Let us show you how your competitors are winning over your clients as they take advantage of automated digital marketing techniques using the New Account Based Funnel.

Our Client on the Implementation of the New ABM Funnel

"Thanks to Thrive Fusion, we have automated our marketing. They have even helped us understand what market we should be targeting and how to find the right type of clients."
Tanveer AHMAD
IA Accounting

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