The challenge Startups face has to do with boosting visibility - without this there is no Startup

Digital Marketing for Startups

Do Startups Need A Digital Marketing Strategy?

The biggest mistake is that they simply try to do too much. They are essentially doing a little bit of everything. What is the cost of doing a little bit of everything and nothing well?

They don’t have the time to develop writing skills, so the content is just average – not compelling. When they do publish that content, there is no organized timeline and they might not publish as frequently as they should. They don’t have much time to invest in really engaging with prospects on social media. They tend to post to monitor whenever they have a spare minute. You get the point.

By trying to do a lot, they sacrifice quality which can then lead to poor results, miscommunication for their intended target audience & no real strategic direction.

The Perfect & Simple Solution

Startups decides to do the following: 1) a weekly email newsletter of original content that the marketer has to write, 2) create content and communicate via a number of social media vehicles (e.g., Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook), 3) set up marketing automation and a number of different support programs, and 4) develop content for a blog that is published once a month.

Does this cut it in a saturated Startup marketplace where the number of touchpoints before someone will do business with you has jumped from 10 to 25?

The New Modern Day Startup is Here

Even when you have the best product or service, which is something you’re sure is needed, without the right messaging, no one is going to care.

Messaging doesn’t only have to be clear; it also has to present a solution that customers are willing to pay to resolve it. If people don’t understand the problem that your Startup is attempting to solve, then it won’t do too well.

Having a Digital Marketing strategy that takes your customer on a journey, using multiple touchpoints that are aligned to a singular message is the new way of Startup marketing.



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The Key To Surviving

The key to surviving (and thriving!) in the modern world is to identify the specialities that make your firm unique and then construct automated tools that attract the clients that need your specialised services.

The Right Choice

Let us show you how your competitors are winning over your clients as they take advantage of automated digital marketing techniques using the New Account Based Funnel.

Our Client on the Implementation of the New ABM Funnel

"Thanks to Thrive Fusion, we have automated our marketing. They have even helped us understand what market we should be targeting and how to find the right type of clients."
Tanveer AHMAD
IA Accounting

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