What if there was an easier way to find clients. And what if you could start today with little to no effort?

Sounds too good to be true, right?

What if I could prove it to you, would that be of some interest to you? And, just like reading a good book, I have left the twist til the end.

We are a professional organisation who don’t need something that our teenage kid sits on every day. People are wasting time on Facebook. 

Congratulations. You have made your first business growth mistakes. 

YOU:…You would say that cause you’re a digital marketer. 

Hear me out before rushing to judgement.  

I wish I had known this when I owned my other businesses, including my accounting practice. 

More To A Pixel Then Meets The Eye

Let us talk about a little thing called a Facebook Pixel. (Now, before you go saying you already know about it, read on. I promise you will be surprised by the things you didn’t know about it.)

It is Facebook’s own Google analytics tool.

You may have heard of it already. You may know what it is but you don’t know what it does. 

Lets start with the basics and then work our way to the WOW Factor!

Pixel provides analytical data.

YOU:…Yeah but I already have Google analytics so why would I need this Pixel?

Google analytics works from data it gathers from your website. And that is great (as long as you know how to interpret the data).

It may even tell you how many people have visited your website and provide some overall details on this group of people.  

But what if you wanted to know more.  


  • If you are a coach then you want to know if they follow Tony Robbins or one of the local coaching gurus, 
  • If you are an accounting firm, would it be worth knowing if they read the Money magazine or Forbes/Inc. magazines,  
  • If you’re a restaurant, wouldn’t you want to know if anyone who has come to your website is having an upcoming birthday so you can invite them to a free meal when they bring a friend,

….you get the idea.

These are the things that Google won’t be able to tell you. 

Now let’s get a little business savvy.  

Let’s say you are a Business Coach. What would you want to know? 

  • Do they run their own business?  
  • Are they making over a certain amount? 
  • Do they reside close to my location? 
  • Do they read business magazines?
  • Do they attend business events?
  • Have they visited my own website?

… the list is as big as your imagination. 

It gets better. 

Let’s say you’re an Accountant

Your business mainly runs from referral business aka word of mouth. 

Someone recommends your business.  

What is the first thing that person will do? 

They will internet stalk you.  

They will jump onto your website. They will cruise through your pages.  

Sure, Google will tell you the location they are at when they visited your website, what web pages they visited, how long they stayed and what page they left from. 

And Google AdWords will help use this information to target them later. 

But what if you also knew

… They have an interest in self-managed super funds and your practice specialises in this area;

…they own a business and use Xero & your holding a Xero workshop to bring in potential clients;

…they are locals who visit the coffee shop downstairs from your office, at a set time each day & tax season is upon us, why not let them know that they can get tax help while waiting for their favourite coffee to be delivered to your office?

Let’s take it another step further. 

You now know a lot about them. Wouldn’t it be great if you could find others just like them? 

What if you also wanted to know:

  • Who do they hang out with? 
  • What do those people like?
  • Do they like the same things? 

Welcome to Facebook Retargetting.

Facebook already has this information about everyone. And, the best part, Facebook will help you find them for you.  

Now you can promote your business not just to those who have visited your website and those you are targetting already, but others who have similar needs without you even going to go search for them. 

You now are no longer needing to go find customers.  Customers are actually seeking your services. 

This a great! 

Oh, wait.  

You don’t have Facebook. 

Or worse, you do have Facebook. You even have a Facebook business page. But no Pixel. 

So do you still think you don’t need Facebook? 

Maybe it’s the case that you do have it but the penny has just dropped – you have left opportunities on the table cause no one told you why you need it and what to do with it once you have it. 

Come and talk to us. It’s not too late.

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