How law firms can stay open 24/7

Even though law firms don’t operate at odd hours of the day, clients are browsing the web 24/7, looking for lawyers to hire and educative content to consume.

Law firms that invest in content marketing as part of their digital strategy can grab this opportunity and reach out to potential clients even on days and hours when the business is closed.

Most potential clients are not looking for lawyers during their working hours. Its when they get home after they finish work. If a potential client looks up the Internet and doesn’t find anything about your law firm, you lose out at that very moment.

This kind of visibility is not possible with traditional forms of marketing. For instance, an outdoor sign or billboard will only be visible to those who visit the place where it’s put up. Radio and TV ads are aired at specific times. However, digital marketing strategies like investing in an effective law firm website with great content, claiming your Google Business Profile Listing, and social media management can provide information about your legal business at any hour of the day or night.

And, if your content is written with the correct keywords, you could be on top of their “law firm to call” list. This can even be made easier with automated bots which drive your potential client to the right person.