What's Our Story?

We are Storytellers who use the Digital Medium to create the stories that need to be told of our clients; and place them directly in front of the right audience.


We tell the stories of forward-thinking organisations and create platforms that strategically reach their target audience.

“We are on a mission to create as many success stories as we can”

ThriveFusion is the Digital Marketing brainchild of The Fusion Brand. The Fusion Brand is a growth hacking organisation, established to help SME’s create professional business websites. 

In recent years there became an opportunity for growing businesses to becoming thriving businesses using Digital channels. This gave birth to ThriveFusion.

The Fusion brand is on a mission to tell as many success stories by building websites. ThriveFusion is on a mission to take these businesses to the next level and create as many success stories with the use of as many Digital mediums as possible.


Digital Marketing is no longer a nice to have unless SME’s are comfortable plateauing in their growth.

We all cannot live without our smartphones, emails, Facebook notifications, Digital Messaging systems, like FB Messenger, WatsApp, Instagram. The list is endless. So is the noise within this Digital Space.

ThriveFusion have a vision where SME’s are able to strategically create a placement for their brand and silence the noise so that they are heard directly by those who need them. 

They just need someone to show them how to do it without breaking the bank. ThriveFusion are proving to be the obvious choice.