Google Ads / Paid Search / Pay Per Click
Some of the most reliable ways of getting leads are Google AdWords, PPC, and CPA.

However, it is unfortunate that many firms do not invest their resources into trying out paid searches. This is a significant missed opportunity.

In the way of using paid searches, you can begin to generate leads of high-quality, right from inside your company’s sweet spot. What is even better, you are able to start today. AdWords is often complex to learn, with a host of advanced capabilities which can drive you over the edge. We are here to break it all down for you, so that you too can get started with increasing your revenue.

To begin with choose a service that is focused around the niche you are interested in focusing on. This can assist you in saving money in the way of making sure things stay focused.

Build your landing page using a tool like Unbounce or LandingLion. It is important not to skimp on this! Many firms make the mistake of just sending prospects to a homepage or generic service pages. You have to spend time customising your landing page to take a worthwhile advantage of the incoming traffic.

Create custom offers. You should be looking for a way to entice visitors to take the next step. You should be thinking beyond consultation and think about anything else that your company can offer. This can include a Free bookkeeping-review or a company-benchmark.

Start your bidding low and make sure you start to slowly bid up when you start to see results. In order to appear on a site like AdWords, you have to ensure you are bidding on each of your keywords each time a person conducts a search. Either your bid will win, or it won’t. If the bid failed to win, start raising the bid gradually until you begin to notice impressions. We would like to keep this budget low.

Analyse, monitor and test. AdWords is not about Set-It and Forget-It advertising. It requires watching the results, testing landing-page changes, testing new ads, as well as testing the new calls-to-action consistently to ensure better results.

Paid search happens to be the ideal method to attract instant leads if your company is hungry. It will also provide opportunities for your company to experiment more with an investment that is minimal. Are you interested in testing a new service or niche? Create a new landing page and implement some PPC to assess whether there is any type of interest. This can assist you in deciding if there is a need that is exists and whether your company should be thinking about investing further.