Should you use Facebook Boost OR Facebook Ads?

Facebook is always telling us, ‘Hey, this is doing pretty well, why don’t you boost it?’ And they make it so easy with that “BOOST’ button. One-click and you’re on your way to having your post seen by so many people.

But wait!

Before you boost, you’ll want to have a strategy to help you get the most out of your ad spend.

Boost Button vs. Ads Manager

Before we dive into formulating a Boosting Strategy, lets take time out to talk about using the Facebook Boost button vs. Facebook’s Ads Manager.

Boosted posts aren’t always the best R.O.I. (return on investment)

The reason is, they may not be optimized for what you truly want. Whereas in Facebook Ads, you can dive into the Ads Manager and get a little bit more advanced. You can create multiple AdSets and see which ones are working and bringing in the best ROI.

You can think of boosted posts as “Facebook Advertising ‘Lite.’”

However, the boost button can come in handy if you have a strategy.

If you want to get the most for your buck then ensure the post you are boosting has the following three (3) criteria.

Criteria #1: Boost posts that are performing well

You wanna boost your best content because that content is already doing well. You’re going to be more effective with it, and it’s going to cost less for you to boost it.

So how do you know which content is performing well?

Use Facebook Insights to find the posts that are good candidates for boosting. To do this, click on “Insights” at the top of your business page and then go into “Posts.” You’ll find a list of all of your recently-published posts.

Then, in the top right corner, switch the view to “Engagement Rate.”

“Engagement Rate” is the percentage of people that have interacted with your posts over those that have seen it.

In other words, what percentage of people actually engaged (reacted, shared, commented) with your content. This is a better indication of whether the content was actually interesting to people than reach alone. This is the content that, when boosted, will get you better results for your spend.

Criteria #2: Boost posts that have a business purpose

You’ll also want to be sure to only boost posts that have a business purpose for you, whether it’s driving people to your website, getting the word out about something that’s important for helping keep your business top of mind, or something else.

So look at your posts with the highest engagement rate and think about whether or not getting them further reach will contribute in some way to your bottom line or to goals that you have set. Then, boost the ones that will.

Criteria #3: Boost to a warm audience

Finally, you don’t want to just boost to anyone.

You can create a custom audience that is more likely to interact with you than a random sampling of the general public. We recommend boosting to people that have visited your website or people who have interacted with your videos in the past. 

Many ask, but how does Facebook know who has been on my website?

Well, we recently spoke about that here: What if there was an easier way to find clients. And what if you could start today with little to no effort?

If you’re still unsure then get in touch with us. Email us at info@thrivefusion.com.au or book a free strategy call with us by clicking here.

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Should you use Facebook Boost OR Facebook Ads?

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