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If you are still deciding than here are 3 Reasons why you should attend our workshop

Reason 1: Less Talk More Action. We will actually show you each element on a LIVE website.

We show you HOW these 10 elements fit together & what each elements needs to have in it for it to be successful.

Reason 2: We show you WHAT each element needs to do in order for it to stand out from other campaign & why it is so important to take potential clients on a journey.

So, why is this important for small/medium sized businesses?

Using Digital Marketing through Marketing Automation & Email Marketing, small businesses can take their ideal customer on a journey that entails more trust and rapport in their small business then to the eventual purchase.

Using each of the elements within the Marketing automation then gives you a way to find out more about your audience. That way you can create targeted, personalised campaigns that are more likely to get results. And with analytics capturing the all-important numbers, your marketing becomes accountable. You build a picture of what works, what doesn’t work, and how to tweak it. 

Reason 3: Setting up Marketing Automation always looks complicated until someone shows you how easy it is & how quickly it can lead to new customers. 

What does Marketing Automation look like?

You will walk out of the workshop with a complete understanding of the workings of the above diagram.

We have setup this workshops to show small businesses the new marketing techniques that are already being used by their competitors.

Most small business cringe when they are advised they need to change their ways and use modern technology. 

In this workshop, we SHOW YOU Step-by-Step, how to achieve Marketing Automation without the technical jargon.

We will work on a LIVE system and show you the results in real-time.

So, what will you learn in this workshop?

In this workshop we go over each of the 10 elements within the free eBook you have downloaded.

We will be showing you:

  • How to choose the right Sales Funnel Model depending on where you are currently in your growth.
  • Show you how Digital Marketing works & how you can automate it so that you don't need to do anything. Just wait for clients to come directly to you.
  • How easy it is to create Lead Generating Landing Pages.
  • We will go through the ins & outs of Email Automation & Strategies to personalise emails so as to send your ideal customers on a journey to the eventual sale.

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