Strategy #16: Follow Up Made Easy

Top 100 Digital Marketing Strategies

This strategy works well when you have just met someone. We recommend this strategy for those who have an interview style podcasting business and wish to send multiple guests a more personalised invitation.

Once you have the names and email addresses for guests you want to feature on your show, it’s time to send out cold emails. In these emails you make your initial request asking the recipient to be a guest on your podcast.

Send the Initial Email

There are a number of mass emailing tools out there (such as MailChimp, Infusionsoft, and AWeber), but that’s not what you need at this stage in the game. You’ll want to send a more personal request with a tool like is unique because it lets you automatically send one-to-one emails at scale through your Gmail account. It sends emails so that they arrive in the recipient’s inbox as a personal email. This increases the chances of your emails being opened and not being filtered into a spam folder.

gmail inbox
Example of an initial email that’s been sent to a prospective guest. also lets you set up unlimited follow-up emails, which will automatically shut off once the recipient responds.

Follow Up With Interested Guests

Use FollowUpThen to stay in touch with prospective guests who responded to your initial emails, but haven’t yet booked a day/time for your podcast interview.

With this tool, you can add a simple email address to the BCC field on any email to remind you to follow up at a later date. You include your desired time frame within the FollowUpThen email address, and the email will then boomerang back into your inbox at that date and time. Once it’s back to your inbox, it’s up to you to decide if you need to follow up again.

Let email tools automate your follow up process.

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Top 100 Digital Marketing Strategies

Businesses today understand they need to spend money on ads that run across Google and Facebook. Similarly, search engine optimization is now extensively used as well; however, more often than not, the problem is not in the SEO.

We are caught in a wave of constantly evolving digital ecosystem, which mirrors changes in the global economy. There is now a need for a flexible digital strategy to accommodate any change in consumer behaviour. The biggest faux pas a company can make is to stagnate, even momentarily, their digital marketing strategies.

We will share with you our top 100 digital marketing strategies – one at a time so that they are current and effective.

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