Strategy #2 The 24/7 Customer Experience

Top 100 Digital Marketing Strategies

Strategy #2 The 24/7 Customer Experience

When Econsultancy and Adobe conducted their Annual Digital Trends report, they asked B2B companies to state the single most exciting opportunity for 2020, Customer experience (or CX) came in first (beating content marketing, video marketing and social!).

The Temkin Group found that companies that earn $1 billion annually can expect to earn, on average, an additional $700 million within 3 years of investing in customer experience.

For SaaS companies in particular, they can expect to increase revenue by $1 billion.

That’s right. Investing in CX initiatives has the potential to double your revenue within 36 months.

According to research by PWC The more expensive the item, the more they are willing to pay, 

Customer experience is your customers’ perception of how your company treats them. These perceptions affect their behaviours and build memories and feelings to drive their loyalty.

What can your business do to go the extra mile that others might ignore? What different mediums can you explore to receive the most thorough customer feedback? 

Investing in creating a helpful experience for the consumer can be the difference between a business going belly up after five years or continuing on for decades.

One digital solution is to install a chatbot which encourages visitors to reach out with any questions through a chat feature immediately upon visiting your website. You also have the opportunity to have these chatbots hold links for them to view your Instagram or Facebook feeds as some customers are more visually drawn for their decision making.

Chatbots work when you don’t. Not all customers want information within your business hours. Chatbots can help get their questions answered.

Too easy!

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Top 100 Digital Marketing Strategies

Businesses today understand they need to spend money on ads that run across Google and Facebook. Similarly, search engine optimization is now extensively used as well; however, more often than not, the problem is not in the SEO.

We are caught in a wave of constantly evolving digital ecosystem, which mirrors changes in the global economy. There is now a need for a flexible digital strategy to accommodate any change in consumer behaviour. The biggest faux pas a company can make is to stagnate, even momentarily, their digital marketing strategies.

We will share with you our top 100 digital marketing strategies – one at a time so that they are current and effective.

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