Strategy #22 The science behind why Facebook Retargeting leads to massive sales

Top 100 Digital Marketing Strategies

So you’ve found new audiences and managed to warm them up. This should be enough to get the sales rolling, right?

Unfortunately, this isn’t how it works.As much as it would simplify things, you can’t really expect someone who’s never heard of you before to whip out their credit card.

Remember that people on Facebook generally have low buying intent.

They may not even realise that they have a problem that needs solving. As a result, they’re not looking for any solutions.

Your job is to educate them about problems that aren’t at the top of their minds. Then, you have to inspire them to guide them towards making a purchase.

Remarketing is your method of doing this.

Let’s get one thing clear – remarketing does not mean sharing the same thing over and over again. This is just lazy, and people will notice.

Effective remarketing ensures that your audience moves further down your Facebook marketing funnel. It means creating new content, or recycling the content you’ve already made. That’s how to get more of your audience’s attention across every group.

There’s a long way to go from warming up to making a sale, and remarketing is the bridge that connects them.

This is where the Pixel can be of great use. If someone watched your video, go ahead and make another one which invites them to engage with your content again.

The main reason this works is the mere exposure effect. This means that people will like something more if they see it multiple times.

Again, this doesn’t mean showing them the exact same thing, which can only annoy them. Get creative instead, and try to find new ways of getting your audience’s’ interest.

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Top 100 Digital Marketing Strategies

Businesses today understand they need to spend money on ads that run across Google and Facebook. Similarly, search engine optimization is now extensively used as well; however, more often than not, the problem is not in the SEO.

We are caught in a wave of constantly evolving digital ecosystem, which mirrors changes in the global economy. There is now a need for a flexible digital strategy to accommodate any change in consumer behaviour. The biggest faux pas a company can make is to stagnate, even momentarily, their digital marketing strategies.

We will share with you our top 100 digital marketing strategies – one at a time so that they are current and effective.

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