Strategy #55: Understand The Audience Groups

Top 100 Digital Marketing Strategies

An important thing to understand is that a one-size-fits-all strategy won’t work with your funnel.

You need to target different groups of people with different posts that they’ll want to see.

Here are the groups of people you need to know:

  1. Cold – Includes people that haven’t heard of you.
  2. Warm – They’ve seen you, but are not likely to remember you.
  3. Aware – After seeing your posts repeatedly, they know what you do and are likely to explore.
  4. Interested – Based on everything they’ve seen, they want to engage with your content and see what you have to offer.
  5. Considering – After getting to know your product or service, people are thinking about going with it.
  6. Buying – You’ve managed to convert your audience into consumers.

You have to target each group with relevant content. Trying to sell directly to a cold lead won’t get you anywhere. Neither will awareness-raising content when appealing to those in the considering and buying stages.

Once you understand this you automate the process by creating campaigns around the different segmentation created from understanding these different groups and their needs.

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Top 100 Digital Marketing Strategies

Businesses today understand they need to spend money on ads that run across Google and Facebook. Similarly, search engine optimization is now extensively used as well; however, more often than not, the problem is not in the SEO.

We are caught in a wave of constantly evolving digital ecosystem, which mirrors changes in the global economy. There is now a need for a flexible digital strategy to accommodate any change in consumer behaviour. The biggest faux pas a company can make is to stagnate, even momentarily, their digital marketing strategies.

We will share with you our top 100 digital marketing strategies – one at a time so that they are current and effective.

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