What digital marketing channels should lawyers use?

There are many types of digital marketing that your law firm can explore, depending on its needs and budget. To get started, consider the following channels.

SEO: An SEO strategy can help your law firm improve its online rankings and get more traffic and new clients online. SEO tactics such as keyword research and optimization, link building and advertising are a great way to get started.

Email marketing: Building and maintaining an effective email list for potential and existing clients can help promote any law firm online. Law firms must ensure that email messaging is customized and tailored to each target audience.

Content marketing: Every law firm website needs quality and relevant content that answers the questions and fulfills the needs of potential clients. Content marketing involves blogging, creating great web page content, videos, infographics and more.

Social media marketing: Every law firm needs to be present on key social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Content shared on these platforms must be properly curated to maintain the law firm’s brand identity and engage with potential clients.

PPC Advertising: With just a little investment, law firms can begin to attract targeted online users through advertisements on social media platforms, search engines and websites. Effectively curated PPC ads can generate high ROI depending on the targeting options you choose.

Law firms can also explore additional digital tactics such as affiliate marketing, pay-per-click advertising and website optimization to create a strong online presence that will set them apart from the competition. There are just so many new doors of opportunity for law firms to explore in the digital world.

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