Why Accountants are missing out on easy opportunities

Many accounting practices are not good at leveraging social media correctly. For example, SocialCPAs and Inovautus Consulting worked together on an important study that discovered that only around 20% of the accounting practices used social media, while only around 50% of these practices tracked leads that were generated through the social media platforms.

Audiences of today, spend a lot of their time on the different social media platforms, and they commonly use the platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook. One of the main reasons why these platforms do so well is the opportunity to create ads that are hyper-targeted which is impossible on the other types of advertising channels.

Think about creating ads that target the sweet spot of your firm, which not only includes industry but also your location, income, revenue and company size. This is all possible through social media marketing.

Social media advertising at this stage is still a very cheap channel. The leads cost cents compared to the other forms of paid avenues. This is ideal when it comes to your own bottom dollar, yet this lucrative opportunity will not last forever.

Over time when these accounting practices will start to catch on, will means the costs for each advertisement will start to increase. Here are a few tips on what to do right now in order to make the most from buyer’s markets:

  • Choose one network, to begin with, we highly recommend Facebook or LinkedIn.
  • Define an audience followed by making this as small as you possibly can. Many firms make the mistake of targeting audiences to reach 10,000 or more prospects, we do not recommend this approach. The smaller you are able to make it the better. This will mean your ads are far more targeted. You should be aiming at reaching 1,000 to 2,000 prospects.
  • Take advantage of lead capture available on social media. This means you won’t need to create a customised landing page or send prospects to your site but rather capture this information directly from social media.

The next step involves creating your customised email campaign, which is initiated as soon as a person completes the form from your advertisements. Nurture your prospects immediately and work on bringing these leads to a state that is sales-ready.

If you are not yet advertising through the social media channels, you really are missing out on a massive audience at prices that are extremely cheap. In addition, you are also missing out on any opportunities to deal with complaints, answer questions along with finding out what your customers really need from you.

Unfortunately, you are unable to escape the attention on social media, so you might as well take advantage of it.

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